We absolutely encourage you to contact us if you have anything you want to ask but if you want we’ve provided some of the common questions where you may be able to find your answer.

Can I change my purchase if the sizing is not right?2021-02-09T09:12:58+00:00

Yes, if you need to change sizes just simply post back to us and we will send you what you have requested with no postage charge.

Can I tumble dry my Breeches?2021-02-09T09:16:23+00:00

We would advise you not to.

How long does delivery take?2021-02-08T20:35:44+00:00

All of our deliveries are with Hermes and arrive within 2-3 days tracked.

How should I wash my Breeches?2021-02-09T09:17:57+00:00

A cold quick wash.

I’ve received an incorrect item in my order what should I do?2021-02-09T09:16:00+00:00

If you have received an incorrect item, please send it back to us and we can either refund you or send you the item you had originally ordered.

If I receive a faulty item what should I do?2021-02-09T09:14:13+00:00

We are really sorry if you have received a faulty item, please return the item to us as soon as possible so we can get this sorted for you.

If I’m not happy with my purchase can I return it?2021-02-09T09:12:34+00:00

Yes, within 28 days and you will receive a full refund.

Will you be getting more stock?2021-02-09T09:19:48+00:00

We always have more stock on order, if we have sold out of something you are interested in, it is only temporary.

Worn your item to many times?2021-02-09T09:14:38+00:00

Please bear in mind that all items are inspected on return, and those with wear and tear rather than a fault may not be refunded in full. please note we are not able to send replacements for wear and tear.


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